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Seasonal Advice



Set your Thermostat Properly

Make your home cozier and wallet fuller this winter with energy-smart thermostat settings. Douglas Mechanical Services recommends setting the temperature at a comfortable 68 degrees to maximize savings – but be cautious, as warmer temperatures can lead to higher operating costs of up 3% – 8%.

Keep Heat Away from your Thermostat

Make sure not to put any appliances that heat up near your thermostats! Household items like TVs, lamps, and stereos can give an inaccurate reading for your heating system, which reduces its efficiency. Keep these objects away from the thermostat so you don’t end up with a surprise on your energy bills!

Use Fireplaces Sparingly

If you’re looking to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter, traditional fireplaces aren’t always a smart choice. With their chimneys sending heat right out of the house and open dampers inviting in cold air – they may not be as efficient or cost-effective as other heating solutions. We have some money-saving tips if using a fireplace is still desired while utilizing central heating too!

Increase Direct Sunlight

Take advantage of the free warmth that nature offers! Let those rays shine through your windows by opening shades and blinds, to give your system a break. If you’re feeling extra creative, try removing exterior awnings from around the house- it’s an easy way to increase natural heat with minimal effort!

Keep your Home Air-Tight

Ensure that your home is warm this winter by insulating exterior walls and sealing any cracks. For extra efficiency, replace old windows and doors with insulated varieties – you’ll be able to see the difference in your energy bills! A little preventative maintenance can save up to 10% on heating costs for years to come.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

To ensure your air conditioning system is running at its best capacity, keep it clean with regularly changed air filters. Don’t know where to start? Have a Douglas Mechanical Services technician show you the ropes and help find an allergy-friendly filter for optimal airflow in the home!

Wait 24 Hours before Running your Air Conditioning System

If you cut the power to your home’s climate control system in winter, make sure it has enough time to slowly get back up and running. Allow 24 hours after reconnecting electricity before turning on the AC; this gives its compressor adequate opportunity for a warm restart.

Keep Vents and Grilles Unobstructed

Ensure that the pathways to your home’s heating system stay free and clear! Have a Douglas Mechanical Services technician show you if you’re ever uncertain where these vents and grilles are. This will help keep energy costs down and ensure your comfort is always at its best.


As the weather starts to warm up, seal those pesky leaks around your home. A few minutes of caulking or weather stripping can pay off in cooling bill savings throughout the summer months! Keep an eye out for drafty spots before temperatures take a scorching turn, and ensure you’re maximizing efficiency when it comes to keeping cool.

Keep your Home Air-Tight

Keep your home cool and comfortable while also saving money on energy bills. By sealing cracks around walls, windows, and doors with insulation or insulating materials, you can reduce air leaks to help keep the heat out. Doing so could result in a 10% decrease in energy costs throughout the year.

Replace Old Doors and Windows

Keep your home cool by ensuring that all windows and doors are securely shut while running the air conditioner – this will prevent precious, cooled air from escaping! Additionally, consider replacing old or inefficient openings with energy-efficient ones. These can help guard against hot sunshine rays and maintain a steady flow of chill air indoors.



Set your Thermostat Properly

Save money and energy during the summer months by setting your thermostat to 78 degrees. It may be tempting to set it lower, but each degree below that can increase costs by 3%-8%.

Consider installing a programmable thermostat! This will allow you to automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day while you are away – resulting in significant savings on your monthly bill! Contact Douglas Mechanical Services today for more information about this smart cooling solution.

Control Direct Sunlight

Beat the heat this summer and maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency! Try closing blinds, installing awnings over windows, or planting shade trees to reduce how much solar energy is transferred into your home. The more you can keep those hot rays from entering, the less work is required for your AC system – ensuring maximum cool on even the hottest days!

Install an Attic Fan in your Home
During a typical hot New England summer, your attic can reach temperatures upwards of 140 degrees! With temperatures staying high all summer, it’s important to take the extra steps necessary to keep cool. Why not consider installing an exhaust fan in your attic? The temperature-controlled feature will help reduce wear and tear on your cooling system while also giving you some savings at the same time.
Use a Dehumidifier
Not only is humid air uncomfortable in the summer, but moist air can hold more latent heat than dry air. Maintaining the proper humidity level for your home can help control air contaminants and prevent damage to your home from built-up moisture. Be sure to keep humidity levels in check for optimum performance of your central air cooling system.
Keep your Air Conditioning Unit and Coils Clean
Having your air conditioner perform its best requires a little maintenance. For optimum efficiency, ensure there are 12-18 inches of space around the unit for adequate airflow and trim any foliage or plants nearby. Periodically check to ensure no leaves, clippings, or debris have accumulated on it, too—it’s like vacuuming up crumbs from under the couch! For more detailed instructions on cleaning coils, ask one of our Douglas Mechanical Services technicians about what specific manufacturer guidelines you need to follow.
Use your Appliances in the Evening
Don’t let your energy bills take a bite out of your wallet – save money and reduce the stress on cooling systems by delaying the use of large household appliances like the dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, or oven until later in the day. Taking this simple step could lead to significant savings over time!
Have your Heating System Inspected

Keep your home cozy and warm this winter season with regular maintenance for your heating system. Scheduling an annual service before the cold weather hits can save you up to $30 a month in energy costs and prevent any expensive repairs down the road due to neglect of your heating system. Don’t let money fly out of your wallet! Contact Douglas Mechanical Services today for help keeping things running smoothly all year round.

Keep your Air Filter Clean

Want to keep your heating system running at peak performance? Taking the time to clean or replace air filters can make a huge difference! Let professionals from Douglas Mechanical Services guide you in choosing an allergy-friendly filter and show you where it’s located. This easy measure is essential for ensuring maximum efficiency all year round!

Avoid Excessively Using Exhaust Fans
In colder climates, good ventilation is key for keeping your home’s heating bill low. To save money on energy costs without sacrificing comfort, use exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms wisely – too much can place an unnecessary burden on the system.
Keep Vents and Grilles Unobstructed
Keep your home cozy and energy-efficient by ensuring that all the vents and grilles around your living space are unobstructed. A Douglas Mechanical Services technician can help you identify their location with a quick inspection so you get maximum performance from your heating system!
Cutting costs on winter heating can be easy – all it takes is a little preventive measure! Make sure to give your home the once-over before cold weather strikes, searching for cracks or openings that let warm air out. A simple caulking job may save you hundreds of dollars in wasted heat this season.

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